<h2>Rabbi Bridget Wynne</h2>

Rabbi Bridget Wynne

I grew up as a cultural Jew, celebrating holidays with family and friends. My mother was Jewish, my father a lapsed Catholic. As an adult, I was curious about whether the Judaism I had learned about informally was the “real thing,” so I took classes and tried out various informal Jewish groups that met for Shabbat dinners or services.

As I experienced more of Jewish life, I was drawn to Judaism’s openness to a variety of opinions, its wisdom about everyday life, its connections to social justice, the ways it can help people create communities of meaning and purpose, and much more. Eventually I decided to become a rabbi. I was ordained in 1994 after attending rabbinic school in Jerusalem, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati. I served as rabbi at Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles, and then at Congregation Shir Shalom of Sonoma in the Bay Area.

Besides serving synagogues, I’ve worked with many people who would like to learn more about Jewish life, but for whom synagogues are not the right entry point. I’ve also been aware of how difficult it can be to find a place in the Jewish community if you feel marginalized because you don’t know much about Judaism, don’t believe in God, are in an interfaith relationship, are a person of color, are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or for a variety of other reasons.

After years of not knowing where to refer people who want open events at which they can explore Jewish life and tradition, I decided to offer such events myself. I founded Jewish Gateways in 2006, and since then have been excited to reach out and to welcome Jews, their family members, and others interested in Judaism. I look forward to having you join us at one or more of our events. I hope the experience will help you learn more about what you’re looking for in Jewish life, and take whatever next steps you’d like to in learning about Judaism and connecting to Jewish tradition and community.
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